(A) Puretch Photopolymer Film


All rolls are 24.5" wide except the sample size.
PLEASE READ: Use the dropdown to select the size needed and your shipping destination as this will have the shipping included in the price. All international customers are responsible for any customs fees that may occur. The 6x36" Puretch will ship flat rolled around a card in an envelope, no tracking is available for this size. A link to the instructions will be provided in your order confirmation.
A high resolution etching resist film that develops with soda ash. Works best with copper and ferric chloride. 
PURETCH also works great as a fast UV 'printing out paper' for UV densitometry. Contact print your digital output beside a UV calibrated Stouffer for 2-4 minutes onto a small piece of Puretch. Scan the exposed film in reflection/grayscale mode for comparing and measuring the values in photoshop etc. Matching steps indicate equivalent UV density.

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