About Us

Cape Fear Press is a privately owned contemporary photogravure and photo-etching printmaking studio located in Carolina Beach, North Carolina. Jennifer Page, the owner of CFP is an artist dedicated to less toxic and technical innovations in the field of photogravure and photo etching on copper. Cape Fear Press formulated the Puretch Photopolymer etching process for fine art photo etching. Puretch is a high resolution photopolymer etch resist for traditionally etched metal plate intaglio printmaking, PCB photo circuit boards and jewelry. Cape Fear Press has also tested and distributes the new Phoenix Gravure and Dragon Gravure pigment papers (carbon tissue) for photogravure. We offer a special line of high quality and hard to find products that are well suited for photogravure and traditional etching processes. Cape Fear Press was established in 2001 and has been supplying products to artists since then. We also offer related workshops, custom platemaking services and steel facing of copper plates.

Prints: All intaglio prints made by Cape Fear Press are copper etchings. We use the photogravure process, photo etching and traditional etching processes to make these etchings. We will occasionally be offering prints on the online store. More prints can be seen on our main website. Please inquire.

genuine photogravure is made with a copper plate. This process entails sensitizing gravure pigment paper gelatin, exposing this to to a continuous tone positive in contact with UV light. The aquatint is provided with a traditional dust-grain aquatint or a separate exposure to a film based aquatint screen. The exposed gelatin is adhered to the copper plate, developed and etched in a series of ferric chloride baths. This is a continuous tone photographic etching technique invented at the dawn of photography in the mid 1800s. Cape Fear Press makes photogravures in this same tradition using dust-grain box aquatints and our own handmade analog dust-grain screens to create the delicate grain of the plate. The plates are inked by hand with archival, oil based etching inks and printed on an etching press. Photogravure is still the most beautiful process for making a photographic intaglio print.

photo etching is a process of etching a high contrast image or halftone onto a copper plate. This process works very well for high contrast, graphic and linear imagery. The image is often reworked with tools and traditional etching techniques to expand the tonal range. The printing is very much the same as for a gravure.


Please visit our main site for more info: http://www.capefearpress.com