(H) Dust Rollers and Roller Squeegees


These rollers safely pick up dust and grit from your aquatint screens, silver film negatives and positives, contact frame glass and table top. DO NOT use on the printed side of digital positives. It protects your screen from damage and helps prevent pinholes, sunspots and resultant print retouching. This roller works much better than brushes or compressed air. Essential for all photo plate making processes. Roller cleans with water or by quickly rolling it onto adhesive contact paper.  

The larger dusting/drying roller squeegees displace liquids evenly from photogravure plates and photopolymer plates after developing. Buy a roller about 6" wider than the width of the plate you need to dry. Use for removing water from delicate papers used in historic photo processes. They also work well for transferring the gravure gelatin to copper plate and the carbon transfer process.

These prices include shipping in the USA.

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