Woven 100% Wool Sizing Catcher - 'Baby Blanket'


Super thin woven sizing catcher to print photogravures and very smooth aquatints. The blanket should be machine washed in HOT water on regular agitation and dried in the dryer on HIGH heat to break in the blanket prior to printing. Wash and dry a couple of times. Using hot water and air will not shrink a woven blanket more than about 5% and will tighten and soften the weave for the smoothest printing. One 'Baby Blanket' sizing catcher is usually paired with one other thicker woven blanket (1/12" or 1/8") against the roller for printing gravures. It is good to have a second sizing catcher on hand to use when the first one gets saturated. The sizing catcher and pusher should be pulled back over the top roller when printing to prevent wrinkles forming under the roller. 

56" wide, sold by the linear foot.

Price includes shipping in the US. International shipping is not included in the price and you will be contacted with info on how to pay shipping.